beyond the pile of dishes

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There are two household chores that a missionary must learn before actually being sent to the mission area, washing clothes and washing dishes. If you know how to do these then you are ready to be sent to your mission area. Ahahaha

Last night i did not sleep at my host fam`s house. I needed to sleep over a house in the capital federal, buenos aires after singing and playing guitar in the renewal of vow of a filipina religious sister.

This morning when i came back at my host`s place the first thing i did after putting my stuff on my bed, i swept the floor and when i reached the kitchen, oh i was surprised of the pile of dishes which i think were from the dinner and breakfast of the family.

Deep inside me i was already complaining and having thoughts.
“Oh Lord, so does it mean i will wash this? But i didnt eat here last night nor this morning? Were they waiting for me to wash all of these?”

I was even thinking that if i will be out for lunch i will not really wash those dishes. Ahahahah But at 130pm i heard the daughter-in-law of my host asking me to prepare the table for lunch. Yay! So i`m eating with them and i will wash the dishes! Yay!

I finished eating and decided to wash the pile of dishes!

As i started to wash, i was put into reflecting or should i say complaining? ahahaha
“Lord, why do i have to wash tons of dishes if i just used 1 plate, 1 fork, 1 knife and a glass? Hmmmp!!!”

I guess the Lord heard me, and i noticed my necklace with the cross.

And i realized, when Jesus was asked to save us through crucifixion and His death, He never complained the way i was complaining. He never said, “Why do i have to carry the cross and walk for 6 hours and die in the cross? I am not the sinner! I was not the disobedient one here. I am the Son of God. I should be excuse!”

BUT He never complained.
He never said any of the words i wrote here.

He just said YES without any complain and in the end, He even asked forgiveness for all of us to God the Father…

He so remembered me on His cross.
He save me through His cross.

As i finished washing the pile of dishes, i stopped complaining and i just said “Thank you Jesus!”

Thank you because i dont need to carry the cross for 6 hours, be crucified and died for the sins of others to tell them how much i love them. I just need to wash pile of dishes: plates, utensils and glasses. =)

Thank you Jesus because you love me and you gave me two hands to share my love to my host family through washing pile of dishes and praying for them at the end of the day. =)

Thank you Jesus because with You, i see more stuff beyond the pile of dishes in the sink…
….love beyond difficulties
….abundance beyond nothingness
….security beyond insecurity
…joy beyond sadness
….laughter beyond tears
….hope beyond being in despair
….and life beyond death.

Im ready for more dishes now, Lord!
Im ready to love more.
Im ready to share beyond my nothingness!

….and oh, im ready to put on my hand lotion now after washing pile of dishes. =)

I love you Lord…i love you beyond the pile of dishes. =)


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