the gift

My first morning here in Coppell, my host dad, Eduardo invited me to attend mass at 7am. I said yes immediately but in my mind i know it will be like really early for me!

Pero no importa! It’s a beautiful grace and gift that i would be able to attend mass every morning.

Oh, and not only that i was able to stay in the adoration chapel for an hour. wow!

My host dad would leave me in the church after the mass, for he would need to go to work, then my host mom will bring her kids to their summer school at 8am and she would come to pick me up from the adoration before she goes back to the house! Nice! How God prepared everything so I can have time with HIM even if I’m out for mission. Oh, the more I must have time for HIM, huh?

And in the duration of this stay here, i was given an opportunity to watch a concert of Martin Valverde, a latin american Catholic Evangelist Singer. While i was in Peru and Argentina, we would use his songs for our camps, retreats and teachings. And i never got an opportunity to see him in a concert while I was there….BUT wow! In my new mission area, God first brought me so close to HIM through everyday mass and adoration and NOW giving me this beautiful gift to be in a night of praise and worship concert! =)

concert ticket! i got it for free! yay!


with my host family: Edgardo y Geny. Emmanuel, Santi y Naomi during the concert break

yay! Martin!


closer! Martin Valverde!

I love being a missionary! I love this life!

God never ceases to surprise me!

Psalm 37:4

4 Take delight in the LORD, 

   and he will give you the desires of your heart.

yay! my hosts' kids: i love them: Emmanuel (yellow shirt), the twins: Naomi and Santi





the LORD knows!

I’ve been here in Coppell, Texas for almost like 4 days. I left my other hosts’ place, Garland Tuesday night. It is now Saturday and God really have shown me and allowed me to experienced many beautiful things while i am here.

Thursday afternoon when i realized that i don’t have shirts anymore for the next day. I was surprised that i miscalculated bringing right number of shirts for this mission schedule. And i finally realized why, because i thought when they picked me up, i thought we were already on a Wednesday night. BUT it was Tuesday then. urgggh! Sign of old age??!!

And so i planned already that the next day, Friday i will use my sleep clothes as my clothes for the day. Nobody would know anyways. ahahaha. It’s a shirt and a loose capri. While having this thought in my mind, i took a nap and when i woke up, i got this message:

Kristine Pineda


Kristine Pineda

  • hello
    hi ate teny!hope you’re having a good day. i have a bunch of clothes that i am going to donate to a women’s charity, but i was wondering if you would like to take a look at my clothes before i give it away. there’s some stuff that i haven’t even worn yet. let me know if you’re interested :) God bless!


Wow! Talking about GOD’s providence!

I went to meet her the next day wearing my sleep wear!  Actually, that same morning, 7am, i went to mass with that clothes already.

And in a box of clothes we chatted as sisters and she started showing me the clothes that will look good on me. mmmm she got good sense of fashion styles!

the bag where Elaine lovingly placed the clothes for me. the dresses i got were not used at all, there were still store tags. ahahaha

I chose only what i needed. I wanted to get some more BUT I thought of the women, my sisters,  who might be needing it more than i am. Anyways, i was in need only for some days because of miscalculation of my days from the other house where i have available clothes, enough to serve God in this mission.

This thought gives me a great smile for my GOD…HE KNOWS! Even the small things and details we need to survive in this life  HE DEFINITELY PROVIDES.

I LOVE MY GOD for HE loves me so much! HE definitely doesn’t want HIS missionaries to be walking and sharing HIS love to people with their sleep clothes. ahahaha.

Matthew 28:19-20

19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

with my Coppell host family and my "sleep clothes" while on break from a concert of Martin Valverde in Sta Monica Parish

gift from a morning prayer

Play this video first…then start reading please. =)

I praise God for every morning HE gives me.

HE takes my hands and wakes me up so HE can talk to me. And even if it’s so hard for me to hear HIS voice HE kept trying…HE never leaves and gives up on me.

Many times, i let go of  HIS hands so i can go back to my bed and sleep again and or slip my hands from HIS and reach out for my laptop to do facebook and or to watch videos from youtube that entertains me BUT HE remains to be there… loving and patiently HE waits for me.

Today the readings reminded me how GOD loves me. How HE wants me to remain in HIS image and likeness.

The first reading:

Genesis 13:2,5-18 : Reminded that i have a very generous GOD! And truly, while on mission my GOD never fails to amaze me from simple needs of a missionary to those simple wants and wishes…and right before my very eyes, i see how HE performs HIS “generosity” acts without any holding back… Because i am HIS princess. And HE is my King!

The Psalm:

Psalm 15: 2 -5 : Reminded me that my GOD is a God of righteous life. And so for this, i am called to embrace that kind of life. It is definitely hard BUT if that is where GOD is calling me, then i ask for the gift of endurance so i can fit ,be righteous and loving in this modern times.

The Gospel:

Matthew 7: 6, 12-14: Today’s gospel reminded me that my GOD is a God of Discipline. HE is my GOD who reminds me to act accordingly as a missionary, as a woman, daughter, friend and sister.

The Lord knows very well our hearts. It’s definitely created the way HE wants us to be: to be generous, righteous and discipline! BUT more than all of these, HE gave me a heart the same as HIS so i can also love unconditionally like HIM. So, when i start to love and understand those “difficult people” around me, THAT IS JESUS and no longer me. Galatians 2:20. And for this, i know i am more loved and blessed because HE sends me HIS daily sufficient grace and that makes everything easy! =)


let’s pray for him

Today, SFL Dallas is bless of a brother who decided to have a live-in experience in a seminary for his priesthood discernment and he is actually leaving for his flight hours from now!

Let us pray for him, for our brother Phil!

picture taken in 2010, HFL Conference, Dallas, TX

It is just amazing how this community has been very instrumental in our search of God’s vocation in our lives. I, myself went through the whole vocation discernment and i must admit … IT IS THE MOST AWESOME experienced with GOD! A lot of beautiful things can be revealed right before your very eyes. And the joy of knowing that God is unfolding to you great things… all that HE has for you, wow! That, i guess is the best part. When a lot of people will see you “glowing” because you have discovered where God wants you; whether it is in married life, religious life or single blessedness.

So, for all my single friends out there, please take time to be silent and be captured by God through discernment.

Remember that vocation is not just deciding to be in religious life but it is choosing between two good things and allowing God to be in control before your final decision.

Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you all your heart’s desire.”

I pray for more priests. I pray for more religious sisters and i pray that all of us singles to find our greatest purpose in life by serving God with so much radicalism and with so much love for all the people around us most especially the most difficult ones to love. mmm…i see them as my tickets to heaven. So, love love love!

Lastly, i pray for brother Phil that next time around, it will be Father Phil for all of us when we see him. Yay!

picture taken after our send off dinner with Fr Phil!

HE loves me no matter what.

Luke 10: 21
At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure.”

During the first Friday of this month (June) I’m blessed to be in the convent of the Discalsed  Carmelite Sisters.

We prayed 2, 000 Hail Marys and had an opportunity to really pray and confessed.

taken from the Convent of the Discalsed Carmelite Sisters

picture with St Therese of Lisieux, my saint buddy


After that day, i really tried not to sin. To be careful. I don’t wanna hurt Jesus anymore. I don’t want to disappoint HIM again.

But towards the end of the week, i felt i have not been faithful to the covenant.

I felt so sinful.

That was the same weekend where i needed to give a talk in full spanish and serve in the Pentecost mass.

BUT my GOD is ever merciful.

In my sinfulness HE made me feel HE still has the SAME love when HE first gazed HIS love and sight on me.

Sunday came, and that was the day for my CLS talk.  On the way i silently prayed my rosary and hold on to it as if i will be lost if i will not hang on to it….and can i say the rest of my talk was heavenly history….yay!

The Christian Life seminars’ participants approached me and said how inspired they were…hearing me speak spanish and proclaiming how GOD loves me and how HE makes sure that HE takes care of me. Their words sincerely humbled me, knowing in my heart that i don’t deserve it BUT only all FOR GOD.

Then we needed to ran to the Cathedral of Dallas, Our Lady of Guadalupe for the Pentecost mass. Our community was asked to served.

All i know when we were going there was that we will serve in the music ministry and that we will help in the whole Pentecost mass itself.

BUT GOD had a big surprise for me. The priest, to my surprised, asked me to lead the worship! what?!?!

I have no choice BUT TO SAY YES!

Indeed it was a privileged! How can i say no to my GOD.

I felt so much the “power of the Holy Spirit” all throughout the worship. His Power made me speak and worship HIM in spanish in front of  many hispanic brethren.

It was totally a nerve wrecking experienced BUT it reminded me that it was the same experienced the apostles had when they received the “tongue of fire” …  “3They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. 4 All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.” – Acts 2:-4

That experienced left me overly amazed as to how the Holy Spirit can really take me out of my comfort zone and stretched me to do great things for my God.

I felt i was unworthy… BUT God made me see that through HIS great LOVE  and MERCY HE can use us powerfully if we will just ALLOW HIM.

This is what GOD’s love really means… i am sinful… i am unworthy BUT in HIS eyes…

…..i am HIS privileged one…

i am HIS daughter.




my saturday.06.11.11.then…BUT…

mmm…today i thought i will really be free, probably stay home and have time to prepare for my spanish talk tomorrow.

BUT i guess God gave me “things” to do…

I woke up early and found myself watching Autumn in New York starring Richard Gere and Winona Rider

i dont like the ending though…watch it! i won’t tell you!

Then fixed a sister’s hair for her church event.

Then had a coordination meeting with the fulltime workers.

Then went to a photo shoot for of a CFC-FFL household. Yay! the bestest photo shoot for a couples’ household. They were just sooo awesome ! They just all know how to pose and play around the camera.

Then we went to the community marketing meeting.

And had an opportunity to fixed a sister’s hair there again for her family event.

Then we went to a bridal shower. I wasn’t invited there but we went to accompany a sister.

Then we went back home and a sister made my eye make-up! yay! i looooove it!

Oh, we had our pictures taken after the retouch moment.

Then went to a birthday party for a brother in SFL.

I thought going to his party will be like, me giving something out. You know my time and effort of going there. (Not so much effort actually because i didn’t event drive going there and i didn’t even bring any birthday gift! boooo!)

BUT it turned out, this birthday party allowed me to appreciate my eyes (“even if they are no longer 20-20 vision) BUT i can still see clearly with my eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Keith is a legally blind brother. BUT when his mom started to share stories about him, it made me realize how blessed i am to hear his stories…one time he went home really soaking from rain. His mom asked him, “why are you all wet?” and then Keith goes, “oh, i needed to bring papers to a girls’ dorm” and the mom exclaimed, “huh? BUT why do you have to do that? Can’t they understand you are blind and it is hard for you to be doing favors?” Keith, with so much passion responded, “Mom, it’s ok! I am blind. The girl can’t come and walk because she’s disabled. She can’t walk and she can’t go out with her wheelchair with this rain. I am blind BUT i can walk. She can’t!”

Wow! Am i the one so thinking here that i can make him happy for me going to his party. Oh no! This person touched so much my life and allowed me to see that hey, with all my senses complete, I CAN DO MORE!

Then we went to the last party for this day, graduation party.

Had a bonding time with Youth sisters and taught them “somehow” some spanish words and had fun just being a “bully” ate with Nini. I love her to death and that’s how i make lambing to her. I bully her! yay! I guess she reminds me of my “maarte” side! BUT fun! moments with nini

mmm…then now i’m the room, 1:44am BUT i feel definitely BLESSED.

No one in this world can make me eat different kinds of food from many different places all in one day and all FREE. No one in this world can make me have different parties all in one day and still really ENJOY IT! (meeting, household, marketing meeting, bridal shower, birthday party and graduation party)

No one can make me sooooo tired, and sleepy now BUT still feel soooo special BECAUSE HE allowed me to see HIS “randomness” in my life through different stuff!

Who is HE who made this all possible just for today? HE is my great “day planner” …

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”
Proverbs 16:3

I rest my case, HIS plans are definitely greater that how organized i can be with my plans!

I enjoyed the day Lord! Thank you for planning it for me! =)

my sunrise

I love sunrise and sunsets! 

To me its God’s way of saying ‘i love you, Teny” and so it brings me joy when i see one.

Today, during my prayer time these verse from Psalm struck me:

You, Lord, are all i have, and you give me all i need; my future is in your hands. Psalm 16:5

I know in my heart that as God gives me “sunrises” in the morning, He reminds me of His love and promise that HE KNOWS the things i need and all my simple joys. AND that is my GOD! that is my FATHER! He so know what will make my heart smile and jump with so much joy.

 I just feel this is how God wants me to feel His love every morning. Everyday of new life from Him. And every “new promise” that He is with me and that He will take care of me. mmm…great “love affair” with God, huh?! =)