I don’t really mind waiting BUT I make sure that when I am asked to wait I will be in a place or state not obviously waiting for someone. Like, I make sure I will be in a restaurant where I can sit while having a sip of chilly strawberry banana smoothie or a drink of hot mocha coffee while reading a book or surfing the net. I don’t want people around me, even if they don’t know me, to see me obviously waiting for someone. I don’t want them to pity me for waiting, or for being there first.

When I was in Argentina, one of the transportation means they have there is to ride a train or subway. Same thing when I went to France for a pilgrimage and the very first thing I find asking myself or my co-passengers once I get to the station, was that, “…did I miss the train?”

In my life now, did I already miss my “train?”, is there another one coming? What time will that be then? Is it going to the same destination where I am heading?

Wait! Am I the one really waiting or someone is waiting for me? Or looking for me?

When the right time comes, will that person recognize me? Yay!

So yeah, this is not a normal story of just “waiting” but this will be my intimate way of sharing a part of me as I “wait” for whatever it is that has been planned for me many years ago.

I woke up one morning having this “wanting” to be settled. Did you ever experience that?  So, you think we woke up on the wrong side of the bed on that day?

That morning I dazed upon my surrounding and realized I want something more than this! I want to have someone to share my coffee with in the morning, someone I can ask what he would want me to prepare for dinner after work, or if he would love to make our weekend an escapade in an out of town trip or just a lazy weekend at home? Wow! I thought for all of that stuff that morning?!

I realized that, since that morning I made myself busy. I don’t want anyone around me to feel I am “waiting!” That I am actually “wanting this” and yearning for this everyday.

AND SO HOW! How can I make this to happen?

I am amazed of this one woman bible character named Esther. She waited for her husband to-be for a year! (Good for her, only one year! Bitter?!) And in her waiting, she was busy preparing herself. Body massage with oil, facial, right diet, learning new stuff and language. Wow! Her one whole year was dedicated in preparing herself to be the best woman for her man to be! And when the right time came, she met the King and the King immediately chose her to be his Queen and wife, no buts…no ifs!

And so I thought, I want to be like her. Worth waiting for! I want to make myself the right person for that person rightly prepared for me! Wherever he is right now, my goal is to make him see me and recognize me once we bump onto each other on the street, church, mall or in the train station!

So how do I do this?

BE BEAUTIFULLY BUSY! I should start getting myself a planner where I can put on my daily activities! I must get a handy one that will not cause me trouble not to check it when I am in a public transportation and or when my gadget is not charged. And my possible entries would be:

*Mondays:        going to gym so I can lose weight and maintain it. I need to be healthy physically and emotionally so I can keep up with the demands of being a partner eventually, running errands for my partner and me and for long life of course! If I want this I should be able to enjoy this as long as I want to, until forever if that is possible. That makes this waiting more worth it. Because I know I want it to last and having a good stamina, endurance and sound health will make it happen. =D

*Tuesdays:        if I don’t have enough money for my Monday entry, I must start calling my girlfriends so we can set a regular walking day, jogging day or tae-bo day perhaps! This will allow me as well to enjoy and better my girl-friend relationships! I will need this because it will be the same crowd who will help me in times of need in my future engagements, when there would be LQs (love quarrels) I am sure I will need “sisters” to hear me out and cry with me, in times of shopping for occasions, with them I will have perfect gift suggestions and they will be my event organizers as well in my upcoming “engagements.”

*Wednesdays:   meet up with my old friends, they might have cousins and or colleagues who are also in search and that will make me a “potential” for them, or the other way around! Ahahaha This marks my openness. If I so want this, and my deepest desire is this, I should be open! I should not just sit and wait. I must be actively in wait too. *wink*

*Thursdays:       check out new movies in the mall. I so loooove movies! This will give me opportunities to find him there! He is probably checking out the new movies too and hopefully he is not thinking of another girl to date! *sigh*

*Fridays thru Sundays:  weekend with family which will force me to cook for them. Mmmm a good way to practice my cooking skills for my future better half! =D There’s this famous saying that goes: The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! And so therefore, I must learn great dishes or even the simplest ones which I can cook with so much passion and joy, for his “coming homes!”

*Saturdays:       girl bonding with Mom! A way to get free practical tips how to take care of a partner and how to become a better one as well. We can go together for a spa, haircut, hair coloring, body massage, shopping and a lot more girl stuff with Mom!

*Sundays:         visit my favorite church! He might be there too! Yay! I can be sure he prays. *wink*

BE LOVINGLY STRESSED! With so much stuff written above as my regular schedule eventually, I should practice how to be so loving still while under stress with all of my stuff on hand. I must learn how to handle things with so much care. That is when people around me did not meet their deadlines; I will not panic nor stress them out to death. How about giving them still my sweetest sincerest smile as I tell them to deliver it immediately?  Hard? Definitely! But practice makes perfect!

BE ADVENTUROUSLY CAUTIOUS! Be brave enough to try new things and learn new stuffs. What else can I offer? What else can I discover?

*learn new language so when we travel to other countries or continents in the future I can still be communicative and shopping and getting to places will be easier

*know how to cook different cuisines. This will allow me to make simple home cookings a splendid way to make a day’s work more relaxing.

*try sports and other outdoor activities

BE SPIRITUALLY SOUND! With the many things i can indulge as he “searches” for me, and as I wait for him to recognize me, this part must not be taken for granted. That I may remain strongly connected to my creator. I am claiming His great plan for me in this aspect of my life. And so that makes it more exciting! Not knowing what lies ahead but having an expectant heart that His greatness will be impressively felt really really soon.

The value of waiting doesn’t lie solely in the number of days, weeks, months and years of waiting but it is the attitude of the one who waits. The fruit of waiting counts as to how i make myself so prolific in many things i can acquire, discover, learn and absorb still in this beautifully exciting single life I have.

It is the joy of waiting that satisfies my heart now. It is I who will decide when to get on that “train” and not because I am pressured to hop in. I will not let people push me in but I will value this time so I can be the right person for my Mr. Right!




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