Turon: <noun.filipino food. wrapped banana with coating of sugar and for some they would put some other flavorings to make it more special.>

I was so happy that one night my host mom, Tita Vivs came home with a box of “turon!”

It made me taste home… =) It made me taste God’s promise that i will be with you always Matthew 28:20, as He sends me to His vineyard.

So, to enjoy that turon, i added a “taste” on it! I put 2 scoops of my favorite ice cream flavor as a topping on it, Chocomint!

My “turon” looks so “imported” now! yummy!

This is the taste of God’s promise…its out of our normal life…our of this world.

And so i remain still…Psalm 46:10 “Be still…”

…for i know my God is at work.

mmm…i’m ready for the next surprise, Lord! =)


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