my saturday.06.11.11.then…BUT…

mmm…today i thought i will really be free, probably stay home and have time to prepare for my spanish talk tomorrow.

BUT i guess God gave me “things” to do…

I woke up early and found myself watching Autumn in New York starring Richard Gere and Winona Rider

i dont like the ending though…watch it! i won’t tell you!

Then fixed a sister’s hair for her church event.

Then had a coordination meeting with the fulltime workers.

Then went to a photo shoot for of a CFC-FFL household. Yay! the bestest photo shoot for a couples’ household. They were just sooo awesome ! They just all know how to pose and play around the camera.

Then we went to the community marketing meeting.

And had an opportunity to fixed a sister’s hair there again for her family event.

Then we went to a bridal shower. I wasn’t invited there but we went to accompany a sister.

Then we went back home and a sister made my eye make-up! yay! i looooove it!

Oh, we had our pictures taken after the retouch moment.

Then went to a birthday party for a brother in SFL.

I thought going to his party will be like, me giving something out. You know my time and effort of going there. (Not so much effort actually because i didn’t event drive going there and i didn’t even bring any birthday gift! boooo!)

BUT it turned out, this birthday party allowed me to appreciate my eyes (“even if they are no longer 20-20 vision) BUT i can still see clearly with my eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Keith is a legally blind brother. BUT when his mom started to share stories about him, it made me realize how blessed i am to hear his stories…one time he went home really soaking from rain. His mom asked him, “why are you all wet?” and then Keith goes, “oh, i needed to bring papers to a girls’ dorm” and the mom exclaimed, “huh? BUT why do you have to do that? Can’t they understand you are blind and it is hard for you to be doing favors?” Keith, with so much passion responded, “Mom, it’s ok! I am blind. The girl can’t come and walk because she’s disabled. She can’t walk and she can’t go out with her wheelchair with this rain. I am blind BUT i can walk. She can’t!”

Wow! Am i the one so thinking here that i can make him happy for me going to his party. Oh no! This person touched so much my life and allowed me to see that hey, with all my senses complete, I CAN DO MORE!

Then we went to the last party for this day, graduation party.

Had a bonding time with Youth sisters and taught them “somehow” some spanish words and had fun just being a “bully” ate with Nini. I love her to death and that’s how i make lambing to her. I bully her! yay! I guess she reminds me of my “maarte” side! BUT fun! moments with nini

mmm…then now i’m the room, 1:44am BUT i feel definitely BLESSED.

No one in this world can make me eat different kinds of food from many different places all in one day and all FREE. No one in this world can make me have different parties all in one day and still really ENJOY IT! (meeting, household, marketing meeting, bridal shower, birthday party and graduation party)

No one can make me sooooo tired, and sleepy now BUT still feel soooo special BECAUSE HE allowed me to see HIS “randomness” in my life through different stuff!

Who is HE who made this all possible just for today? HE is my great “day planner” …

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”
Proverbs 16:3

I rest my case, HIS plans are definitely greater that how organized i can be with my plans!

I enjoyed the day Lord! Thank you for planning it for me! =)


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