let’s pray for him

Today, SFL Dallas is bless of a brother who decided to have a live-in experience in a seminary for his priesthood discernment and he is actually leaving for his flight hours from now!

Let us pray for him, for our brother Phil!

picture taken in 2010, HFL Conference, Dallas, TX

It is just amazing how this community has been very instrumental in our search of God’s vocation in our lives. I, myself went through the whole vocation discernment and i must admit … IT IS THE MOST AWESOME experienced with GOD! A lot of beautiful things can be revealed right before your very eyes. And the joy of knowing that God is unfolding to you great things… all that HE has for you, wow! That, i guess is the best part. When a lot of people will see you “glowing” because you have discovered where God wants you; whether it is in married life, religious life or single blessedness.

So, for all my single friends out there, please take time to be silent and be captured by God through discernment.

Remember that vocation is not just deciding to be in religious life but it is choosing between two good things and allowing God to be in control before your final decision.

Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you all your heart’s desire.”

I pray for more priests. I pray for more religious sisters and i pray that all of us singles to find our greatest purpose in life by serving God with so much radicalism and with so much love for all the people around us most especially the most difficult ones to love. mmm…i see them as my tickets to heaven. So, love love love!

Lastly, i pray for brother Phil that next time around, it will be Father Phil for all of us when we see him. Yay!

picture taken after our send off dinner with Fr Phil!


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