gift from a morning prayer

Play this video first…then start reading please. =)

I praise God for every morning HE gives me.

HE takes my hands and wakes me up so HE can talk to me. And even if it’s so hard for me to hear HIS voice HE kept trying…HE never leaves and gives up on me.

Many times, i let go of  HIS hands so i can go back to my bed and sleep again and or slip my hands from HIS and reach out for my laptop to do facebook and or to watch videos from youtube that entertains me BUT HE remains to be there… loving and patiently HE waits for me.

Today the readings reminded me how GOD loves me. How HE wants me to remain in HIS image and likeness.

The first reading:

Genesis 13:2,5-18 : Reminded that i have a very generous GOD! And truly, while on mission my GOD never fails to amaze me from simple needs of a missionary to those simple wants and wishes…and right before my very eyes, i see how HE performs HIS “generosity” acts without any holding back… Because i am HIS princess. And HE is my King!

The Psalm:

Psalm 15: 2 -5 : Reminded me that my GOD is a God of righteous life. And so for this, i am called to embrace that kind of life. It is definitely hard BUT if that is where GOD is calling me, then i ask for the gift of endurance so i can fit ,be righteous and loving in this modern times.

The Gospel:

Matthew 7: 6, 12-14: Today’s gospel reminded me that my GOD is a God of Discipline. HE is my GOD who reminds me to act accordingly as a missionary, as a woman, daughter, friend and sister.

The Lord knows very well our hearts. It’s definitely created the way HE wants us to be: to be generous, righteous and discipline! BUT more than all of these, HE gave me a heart the same as HIS so i can also love unconditionally like HIM. So, when i start to love and understand those “difficult people” around me, THAT IS JESUS and no longer me. Galatians 2:20. And for this, i know i am more loved and blessed because HE sends me HIS daily sufficient grace and that makes everything easy! =)



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