the gift

My first morning here in Coppell, my host dad, Eduardo invited me to attend mass at 7am. I said yes immediately but in my mind i know it will be like really early for me!

Pero no importa! It’s a beautiful grace and gift that i would be able to attend mass every morning.

Oh, and not only that i was able to stay in the adoration chapel for an hour. wow!

My host dad would leave me in the church after the mass, for he would need to go to work, then my host mom will bring her kids to their summer school at 8am and she would come to pick me up from the adoration before she goes back to the house! Nice! How God prepared everything so I can have time with HIM even if I’m out for mission. Oh, the more I must have time for HIM, huh?

And in the duration of this stay here, i was given an opportunity to watch a concert of Martin Valverde, a latin american Catholic Evangelist Singer. While i was in Peru and Argentina, we would use his songs for our camps, retreats and teachings. And i never got an opportunity to see him in a concert while I was there….BUT wow! In my new mission area, God first brought me so close to HIM through everyday mass and adoration and NOW giving me this beautiful gift to be in a night of praise and worship concert! =)

concert ticket! i got it for free! yay!


with my host family: Edgardo y Geny. Emmanuel, Santi y Naomi during the concert break

yay! Martin!


closer! Martin Valverde!

I love being a missionary! I love this life!

God never ceases to surprise me!

Psalm 37:4

4 Take delight in the LORD, 

   and he will give you the desires of your heart.

yay! my hosts' kids: i love them: Emmanuel (yellow shirt), the twins: Naomi and Santi





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