Its 4 days before the conference for Singles and Youth Ministry of CFC-FFL US.

To my surprised, i found myself working in visuals team!!! whut?!?!

Adding up all the number of years of my being a fulltime worker, i know i’ve learned so much from this calling and still God continues to put me in situations where i can learn more!

I’ve experienced working in visuals only because in latin america there’s no other who can do that, and i do just the simple stuff, power point and putting on music and or pictures for short videos.

BUT now, God is beautifully challenging me.

On our first meeting, i was mentioning what are the programs i know for visuals and all i got was a statement saying that there is a “better” program for that now! YAY! I’M OBSOLETE?!?!

BUT now, i am doing it! I am not obsolete! God wants an upgraded missionary so i can reach and do so much more for HIM!

I need to “upgrade” myself in my prayer life … pray some more.

I need to “upgrade” myself in my way of relating to people … love some more until it hurts.

I need to “upgrade” in the way i work … professionalism and excellence is the name of the game!

My God upgrades me every time i receive HIM through the communion and so i let HIM renew me through HIS love and mercy.

This is the best upgrade we can ever have … it’s free … it’s unlimited and most of all it’s an upgrade you can share to anyone else without the need to reboot every now and then.

I am happy God “upgrades”  me lovingly for HIS mission and work here on earth.





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