Walk on Water

Yesterday i was surprised waking up that the lawyer who was supposed to work for my missionary / religious visa here in US withdrew. I had an option to start to doubt and loose faith and confidence to my God but i remain silent and asked friends to pray for me. In my heart i know God is up to something big.

With so much faith, i just continued on my day. I was feeling physically sick though but i just went to our usual day preparing for the upcoming conference here in Seattle for the Handmaids.

Little did i know…God really is onto something better!

This morning when i woke up, i was surprised of emails between 2 lawyers. Their exchange of emails was actually about how to handle my case and how the whole process will go. Yay! I so know the Lord will have a great miracle on this but the great “whoah” for me was when one of the lawyer, our hispanic member started to have this email message to the new lawyer handling my case:


“I encourage you to join Couples for Christ. I am part of it and cannot attest enough as the blessings I have received since joining the group. The people (specially Filipinos – I love them!!) that I have met are amazing.  I cannot tell you how much our (my husband and I) lives have changed since we joined the group. God bless them all…
Maria, I truly believe this is God working…. they could not be in better hands! Angela”
“Thank you, Angela, I did receive all 4 emails.  As you just emailed me additional documents I needed (visa, I-94 card, passport), please disregard my prior email.  I just need a phone number for Teny; if you do not have it, I will contact her directly.  Funny, my family friends have been trying to get my husband and I active in Couples for Christ, as it is originally a movement that started in the Philippines. (We’re Filipino).  Have a blessed day! Best regards, Maria”

God works in mysterious ways but sometimes, he plops opportunities right in my lap! haha
Thank you for the phone number. I would like to schedule a phone consult with Teny…Best regards, Maria”
This made me praise so much God this morning. All this time God has a great plan. The first lawyer needed to withdrew so this new lawyer can come in. =)
Since yesterday, my heart just kept saying to “walk on water” because God will be there and will not allow me to be drowned. And true enough, so much more that what i can imagine. God never fail to amaze me indeed. He never fail to amaze us!
Today i just say, i’ll continue to work for you Lord because i know you are in charge of everything, my fare, my visa, my area and even my simple joys as a missionary. In the first reading today, Haggai 1:1-8, people are complaining to God and telling Him that the construction of the house is not yet the right time for them. But in verse 8, God said, “Go up to the hills…”  I believe God is telling me to just go up the hills of mission, work and worship Him and He will take care of everything. Just like what He said in Matthew 28:19-20 ” Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” And so this reminds me everyday of what is my calling and that God will be with me till the end! Amazing!!!!!!
In His hands i commend everything that i have…everything that i am praying for and everything that my heart is desiring. No more doubts. No more fears! =)

Infront of Jesus

As I sit infront of the blessed scrament a lot of things are running into my mind

I wanted to tell Him a lot of things and I wanna pray for a lot of people but my mind, the words and my thoughts are all in racing…. Did He understand what I wanted to tell Him?

That was so tiring. So I stopped. Looked at Him and tried to look for His face and hear His voice.

And there He was…in the silence of my heart…while my mind is clear and while my lips didn’t have words to utter.

Two words…love and mercy that was His message.

I love you my Jesus. I love you my Lord.