After 5 years of being out for mission, i am blessed to celebrate my birthday this time with my family.

The irony of this was, it was just us, me, my parents and my sister.

Many times, i would celebrate my birthday with the community, and a lot of people. I am blessed that my mission host families would always take time to prepare and surprise me for my special day. This time around, the Lord has given me an opportunity to really enjoy my family and no one else there. I am definitely loved! The Lord made me see through this celebration how, for many years, He has been taking care of my parents and my siblings.

My brother who has not been “that” sweet and thoughtful, has sent me a video.


Thank you Lord for another year of life!

Thank you for all the affirmations of how You are taking care of my family while i am on mission.

Thank you Lord because You just simply love me. =)

Can you recall of a moment when the Lord just simply is showing and telling you how much He loves you?



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