After more than 10 years from graduation, i was able to see again my University friends! It was fun and very nurturing at the same time, to reconnect with people who has been a part of who i am right now. Our reminiscing of how we were, made us remember how we all started to dream simple and how to just enjoy life. It made us remember who we were and how we were at that time. Reminiscing of our funny stories together in our classrooms, our professors and our ” campus crushes” made us laughed so hard, wondered what ever happened to some people and be so thankful that our friendship is still here and so “alive!”

A part of me is so “kilig” seeing everyone again. Just realizing how we all matured and grew! Our “kakulitan” is still there and still unbeatable! But more that, i realized we all grew more loving, more responsible and knows how to have clean fun! 🙂 I am blessed to have this other set of friends who molded me somehow how to love our passion – to deal with different kinds of people. It was not just a part of the course we all finished at the University but as i see all of us, it has become our lifestyle and our mission.

I would love to see you all again and just chat and appreciate as to where God has brought us all! God is great indeed for protecting the kind of friendship He has given us, that no matter how many years had passed and whatever life situations we all had to experienced, we remain fun loving individuals! Yay!

Thank you Jesus for this gift of friendship!


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