2nd day in Taiwan.

On my 2nd day in Taiwan and its still freezing cold here at 11 degrees C! yay!

I started the day with breakfast from McDonalds with my host! Now its not an ordinary “McDonalds meal”…they actually have here NAICHA ready to serve for their drinks. Its their milk tea and it was soooo good! The best milk tea in town!

Then went to mass at the St John Bosco Parish. It was an english mass presided by a Filipino Salesian priest.

Had the opportunity to lit a candle and ask for Mama Mary's intercession.

We had lunch after the mass in this Japanese fancy restaurant . The chef cooked all our food right there in front of us all! Everything fresh, everything yummy.

picture with the owner and cook of this Japanese restaurant. I will be posting here soon the video of him cooking our lunch.

My first train ride in Taiwan. From Taipei i needed to go to Taichung to meet with the SFLs there and prepare for the 3-days CLS.

I didn’t sleep the whole trip. I don’t wanna miss out my station. yay!

SFL Taichung! They picked me up from Taichung station of high speed bullet train to bring me to Tanzi and prepare for their CLS.

with SFL Taichung, enjoying the cold breeze of air

Everyone’s so excited for the CLS tomorrow…a lot of SFLs stayed still and waited for last minute instructions. They are all so inspiring. They were saying most of them are serving for the first time but i can see in their eyes the passion and the real wanting to just serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

SFL Taichung CLS service team!

Tomorrow will be the start of our CLS and i know God will reign once again! There is no other way but to live this life all for HIM!!!

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.   ”


1 Corinthians 10:31 



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