3rd day in Taiwan.

January 24, 2012

It is more exciting to wake up this day knowing that there will be around 40 and more participants who are coming (not to mention almost 20 members of the service team) for the 2nd Module of our CLS.

How amazing to see Filipinos in this part of the world really taking time to be in the CLS and be blessed with God’s words.

registration team all ready to receive the participants

Bro. Mike giving Talk 4: Loving God


I gave talk 4 and 5.

I am definitely inspired more than anything else of all the sharings of our OFWs here in Taiwan. Their love for their family made them sacrifice being with them so they can give them a better life.

brothers dancing "paketome"

We had 52 participants on the 2nd day of the CLS.

Our last stop for this day was our visit to Fr. Joy with Ate Emma and Kuya Jun Caramat (Regional Servant) and Excel Regidor (Taiwan SFL Coordinator).

Mission team's team courtesy call to Fr. Joy. Ate Emma and Kuya Jun Caramat visited Taipei and then came here in Taichung to give module 3 for the CLS. 🙂 with us in this picture: Excel (far left/ SFL Taiwan Coordinator) and Julie (far right/ SFL Taichung servant)

This work will not end here. Tomorrow we will be ready for our 3rd and last Module. We all know how God will triumph once again in this work here. It is His calling and our mission is to respond and go! It will not be easy and so we continue to pray and ask for Mother Mary’s intercession.

one of our sisters serving as the prayer warrior during the CLS

“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thesalonians 5:17


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