On this 2nd day of lent i pray and ask to be more listening and obedient to God’s plans for me. That just like the song on this blog, i want to let go everything for the glory of God. That i just wanna be in God’s arms, moving ever closer to His heart.

The other night after a launching of Crossworks – our Corporate Evengelization program in one big company in Makati City, a brother asked me, when do you stop doing mission work? Would you know if it’s time to stop?

From my heart, i felt it was the Lord asking me face to face. I was so definite in my answer. “The Lord will tell me when to stop.” I so know that in my heart!

A lot of people would tell me to just stay here in the Philippines and be a fulltime pastoral worker here. I can say yes. I can say no. BUT what is God’s say to this?

How do i hear His voice? How to i know His say on this?

I pray before i talk to my leaders. I ask for God’s wisdom to be upon them. And i ask for grace to be upon me.

Wisdom on them, so that when they tell me their plans and decisions,  it will really be God’s plan for me. That God will use them as an instrument for me to know where to go and when to go.

Grace upon me, so that i can say “yes” and be “obedient” to my leaders whom God has entrusted to where i should be. I can have my personal choice for the mission areas to go and visit. I can choose places where life in mission would be easier. BUT i choose to listen…i choose to be obedient. I choose to follow God’s voice through my leaders.

This lenten season, i pray that i may hear God’s voice more clearly everyday,so i may know where He would want me to serve Him and share Him.

This is all i have to offer…to embrace this obedience to my Holy God! That in time could be my humble offering to the Lord, my holy obedience.

“If you obey the commands of the Lord your God, which i give you today, if you love Him, OBEY HIM and keep all His laws, then you will prosper and become a nation of many people. The Lord God will bless you in the land that you are about to occupy.” Deuteronomy 30:16

Obedience prevents us from worrying about straying from the path to heaven. Through this we gain a precious spiritual relaxation. Once we completely resign ourselves to the practice of holy obedience, surrendering our thoughts and not seeking any other opinion than our confessor or superior, the devil will stop harassing us. – Saint Teresa of Avila




  1. ang ganda ng song, tenz… i haven’t visited your blog in a while. i’m glad i did today 🙂 thank you for sharing that, and for sharing how you pray about where God will lead you. love you 🙂

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