its a vinegar!!!!

Can you tell which one is the cooking oil and the vinegar? last night i was so excited to cook fried chicken for Marie, my mission partner! I just poured the bottle with the green tab and then when i checked the chicken, i was like, “why is it sticking in the pan? and there’s a soury smell?” (LOL) Only to realized, i was frying the chicken with vinegar!!!! waaaahhhhhhh CRAZY THINGS YOU EXPERIENCED IN THE MISSION! AHAHAHA kasi naman hebrew mga nakasulat sa labels!

But i guess the crazier thing here is that,  the Lord brought me in this Hebrew speaking place and I AM IN HOLY LAND!!! Vinegar on our fried chicken made it more tasty because we are eating it here where the Lord really walked and started His ministry! Love it! 🙂

What’s your “crazy” Jesus experience recently?