“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you (all) your heart’s desires. Psalm 37:4”

I was asked to go back to the Philippines in November of last year as i wait for my religious visa to US. I never had plans of going to another foreign mission area since i know i have to wait and be ready to go back to there anytime early this year.

Until i got a phone call saying i will be going to Israel for a short term mission.

Wow! Israel! Holy Land! I never thought they would still be in need of a missionary here since this is already Holy Land! Oh, not until i got here and saw the situations of our Filipino brethren…I am privileged to be chosen to come here and serve.

It was funny that before we came here, our flight was cancelled and we were stranded in our country! Cathay Pacific had an engine trouble before we actually took off and so they needed to bring us all to Manila Hotel. What?! Wow! Nice room and awesome buffet food, all for free!

Next surprise we got, since we initially missed our flight, when we reached Hon Kong for our connecting flight, we were immediately told that our names were not in the list to fly that day to Israel. So, as we wait Cathay Pacific gave us meal voucher amounting to HK$300! Wow! If we didn’t miss the first flight because of engine trouble we will not have any meal allowance when we reach Hong Kong! yay!

The Lord really makes sure that He takes care of His workers, first class!

The flight going to Israel was long…but the Lord gave me a comfortable seat and nice meal while on board.

And today, as i reached my new mission area for the next couple of weeks, the Lord never fails to surprise my heart daily…

God sent awesome people to work with here in Israel.

Awesome religious people who knows how to have fun as they work in the Lord’s vineyard. – with Salesian priest – Fr Ric and Salesian brothers.

The Lord would even asked my fave saint to make sure i am affirmed of my prayers…My first Sunday mass here somebody gave us roses…waaahhh that’s St. Therese’ at work there!

Roses are beautiful affirmations you received when you ask for St Therese’ intercession.

Working for the Lord’s vineyard definitely is a privilege and will make you see amazing places.

Last week, we went to Jerusalem for a half-day pilgrimage and i was brought in tears when we entered this tomb…the tomb of my great Saviour, Jesus Christ!

the tomb of Jesus

the Holy Sepulchre

the stone where Jesus was placed after He was brought down from the cross. His body was cleaned with oil before He was brought and placed to His tomb.

Thank you Lord for the beautiful surprises! I know there is more to come…and so i asked, please make my heart ever ready to praise You and worship You of Your greatness. Send me always the grace to choose You in my daily works.

Allow the Lord to surprise you! He always waits for you…allow Him!




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