St. Therese’ strikes again!

What a beautiful surprised to see that there is an image of St Therese’ in one of our mission area in Jerusalem. And of course when St. Therese’ is there she will make sure you’ll feel her presence.

Our first visit in one of the chapel of the Philippines Chaplaincy here in the Holy Land, called the Holy Rosary Church with the community called, Good Shepherds Filipino Catholic Community, i was so amazed that they have a St. Therese’ image inside the church. It was the very first image of St. Therese’ that i’ve seen since we got here.

Seeing her image there was already awesome for me but She has other plans! After the communion, a woman approached us and gave me and Marie a rose! yay! And told us if we can have that rose and offer it to the Mother Mary in front. Woah! I was teary eyed and so surprised! After the offering, we went back to our seats and still, my heart was so overwhelmed. How great it is to received a rose from St. Therese’ and be asked to offer it to Mother Mary. What a privileged!

But the story didn’t end there. Towards the end of the mass, the same woman approached us and said, here are the other roses (6 pieces of them) take them, it’s all yours. She gave me 3 pieces and the other 3 pieces to Marie. What?!!!

We love you St. Therese’. Truly, you are with us  in this mission.

You see, Marie and i have been doing  her chaplet every morning. We started doing  it 2 weeks before we came here in Israel and since then until now, we would stop whatever we would do in the morning, and together we would pray to her.






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