Today i was invited to celebrate three beautiful things!

First, celebrate a healthy life. I went to the gym to workout and for the first time i lost 300 calories! Great way to start this day!

Second, i went to the bridal shower of one of the SFL sisters who’s getting married in September. I had the opportunity to celebrate this awesome happening with beautiful bride to be and a community of sisters who knows how to have fun yet knows how to pray hard! 🙂

praying over the bride…

picture with the bride

Third, we were able to meet for dinner with Fr. G. It is the celebration of mission in Israel. How beautiful to share what were our experiences in the Holy Land during our 7 weeks mission there. Dinner was totally awesome, why not, it’s amici! :))

awesome dinner with Fr G and Marie!

our dessert ice cream cake!

Truly, life with Christ means a life full of celebration. I praise God for this day. A day truly lived thanking Him for all His beautiful blessings.




I usually grab the opportunity to go home to Bataan to visit my family when i don’t have mission scheds on weekends. But today, i stayed here in Manila.

For one, i needed to be in the Senior’s assembly which is a requirement for all the fulltime workers to attend. So i was there and really felt how the Lord was talking to me. He started to talk to me during the mass. Our mass celebrant was a missionary priest to Papua New Guinea. How awesome when he started to share his mission experiences in PNG. It reminded me so much of my mission experiences too in the many mission areas i was sent to. Truly, it is MISSION AND FAITH altogether! And as i recall, all those amazing and challenging experiences, all i can is that, those are totally beautiful gifts from the Lord!

After SA, i visited the mom of my brother’s girlfriend. I don’t usually do this if i won’t need to bring or get anything from their place. But, since it’s a “different Sunday” i went…we chatted about my mission, they shared their prayer intentions, we ate and we watched TV. So like the same of my usual “Sunday” back home. I had this wanting of praying with them. Told myself i’ll grab any opportunity to pray with them. So, when the food was served, i soundly told them “Dasal po tayo!” [Let’s pray!]

Then my next stop was my household! :))

It’s a complete Sunday even if i didn’t spend it with my biological family!

My thoughts are these:

1. That today, God reminded me of that love for mission through the SVD missionary priest who celebrated the mass for us. That more than my love for Him through the mission, HE LOVED ME FIRST!

2. That God wants me live the “real Christ” by receiving Him through the sacraments and community. He allowed me to received Him through the Holy Eucharist and Communion and made me live Him by sharing His joy and greatness in my household!

3.  Lastly, that God wants me be “ever ready” in sharing HIM, anywhere and anytime!

I love this day…this is my different Sunday with God! :))

History is the best teacher as they say

On Aug 6 – The Congress voted to stop debates and move the RH BIll for ammendments. Pro RH BIll Congressmen said they were able to move one step forward.
Aug 7 – Habagat hits, calamity strikes.

Sept. 22, 2009 – Congress sets rules for the debates of RH Bill. One step forward. *check PDI Sept. 22 issue.
Sept. 23, 2009 – Ondoy formed and later on hit the Philippines. And the rest was history.

History is the best teacher as they say. Will we never learn?
– repost from Grant Javier / co-worker in Christ