I must say, without any doubt in my heart that CFC-FFL brings  life changing miracles and blessings to a lot of people. May it be the Filipino speaking group, English or the Spanish one.

Last year, when we had our Seminario de Vida Cristiana (Christian life seminar) for our hispanic community Matrimonios para Cristo Fundacion para la Familia y la Vida (MPC-FFV) in Coppell, TX, we had an attendee who had a very unique name and was very difficult for me to pronounce. So i would just fondly call him either Senior (Sir) or Hermano (brother). He was so committed to attend the weekly sessions. He would approached me every after each talk, and would asked for prayers. Prayers for him and his wife to be once again reunited. He would cry and say, “This is my earnest prayer, and i know that this community will make it happened!”

After their Seminario, i was asked to go back to the Philippines and so never had an opportunity to know what happened to this man, his story and his prayer.

I am requested to be back here in Texas again to help in serving the MPC-FFV in their formation. Today, i was able to join another Seminario of the community and take a look who i found….

Herminigildo with his Wife! :))

I was teary eyed when he called me and introduced me to his wife! My heart was praising God and telling Him, “Lord, this is your miracle, this is your blessing! Life changing indeed!”

Today, was the 8th session of the Seminario and they didn’t have any absences so far. Next week will be our last session and before we all bid goodbye today, Herminigildo approached me and said, “Will you be here next week? My wife and i will see you again, ok?!”

Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. – 2 Corinthians 5:17

I know in my heart that God will continue to show his love and mercy to us all…i am so happy i am seeing all this happening right in front of my very eyes. God is so alive and He definitely knows the very desire of our hearts! Just like mi hermano, Herminigildo, God is totally at work in each one of us…are we all ready for HIS LIFE CHANGING LOVE? I AM! :))

We continue to pray for each other.



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