There are mornings that i wake up realizing there are too much stuff in my plate. My initial reaction?! Wow! I need to start the day early and deliver everything great for people to see this is how good and efficient i am! What?! I guess I’m missing something there!

Everyday, the Lord is just allowing me to see how awesome He is in my life. He makes sure i remember that the work i have now comes from Him and the work itself is His! With this thought in mind, i see my plate with too much stuff but i make sure i’d take each stuff there as God’s way of telling me how privilege i am to be seeing all this with His providence and grace.

It is definitely not my work. May i not be overwhelmed  but be challenged instead so i can deliver with excellence as my way of glorifying Him.

Everyday, God showers me with so much peace; with manageable work loads or with too much stuff in my plate HE REMAINS TO BE THERE! I have nothing to fear, these works will be done in His own perfect time. For now, i will offer Him my availability and joy at work.  There is no room for cramming and complaints! All for God’s glory.

This is how at peace i am with God a midst all the challenges, personal and work related stuff! It’s toughness with God for HE SUPPLIES ME THE GRACE I NEED. He is totally more than amazing in my life and work! … and my plate! LOL


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