Her name was Mica!

Last week i was so nervous to take my first dart rail experience. But i survived it! I learned how to check dart rail schedules, understand the different “colored” routes and their stations.

This morning after being dropped off at the Rowlett station, a lady approached asking which one should she take going to Denton. I told her what train she should take, but i can just see in her face how lost she was. I followed her and told her she’s riding the same train i will be in and she’ll go down at the same station where i should be going down and from there she will need to take another train that will take her to Denton. I showed her how to used the map and the check the schedules.

We conversed and she borrowed my phone, apparently she doesn’t have a phone and is not familiar to where she should go. After her phone call, we conversed some more. When she asked me from where i am, i told her i am a visiting missionary. And she had teary eyes, saying, “Oh, that’s why you are so nice to me. You are sent by God!”

In my heart, i felt at that time, that she was the one sent by God to me. God made me appreciate myself more that i already know my way via dart rail and that made me share it with her, the lost lady. God made me see through that interaction with her that people can still be a good samaritan: offering help, showing directions and allowing others to use your phone so they can make a call.

I’m sure a lot of you who’s reading this now, would comment here and say, next time do not be so accommodating and do not lend your phone to anyone. They’re prolly up to something. I’d say i’m up to something! I’m up to share the same things people have shared and given me as a missionary. My phone was shared by the community to me, i have no right not to share it to anyone in need to make a call. Last week, good hearts have shown me how to ride a dart rail, now God has given me the opportunity to do the same! 🙂

I say, there are  still many ways to share Jesus while we”re on the road and living in this modern life. We just have to be open and not be suspicious. 🙂

Today, i am just happy i was given the grace to share His name and His greatness to someone.

Going down to my station, the lady went down with me. She said thank you and i hugged her saying, “May God bless you!” Wow! I just said, “May God bless you!” to some random white lady in the US of A! She wished me the same thing and told me her name. Her name was Mica, she was lost and now found her way. 🙂

I love you, Jesus! :))



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