Then i answered!

Then i heard the Lord say, “Whom shall i send? Who will be our messenger?”  I answered, “I will go! Send me!” –  Isaiah 6:8

The first reading today reminded of how God has called me and how, by His grace i answered!

Many are asking, why this job? Or is this really a job? A lot would even bravely asked, do you get paid in all the things you do? Or, the bravest would even say, “so, what will happened to your life? Are you gonna be like that forever? What about a real career?”

First, why not this job? And i would, many times change the word job by saying, “Yeah, it’s not a job, it’s a life-style!” Why not this life-style of choosing God as my boss and Him directing me where to go and how to live my life!

Secondly, of course i get paid! More than that, i get benefits that are far more out of these world! Beyond what an earthly normal boss can give me! Hey, the Big Man up there is my Boss, why would you worry if i get paid on this!

– I don’t worry about bringing just one pair of jeans in a two-year mission. At the end of that mission, i had like 6 pairs of pants, a jacket for winter and nice walking shoes so i can visit families to their homes. Experienced this when i was sent for 2 years in Peru for mission.

– I don’t worry about not having a car while on mission. People offers to drive for me and in return, this is the surprising part, they would even thank me and say, “Thank you for making me part of your mission!” What?! Nowadays here in Texas mission, i enjoyed traveling with my humongous ride, Megabus! [] It’s cheap, it has wi-fi while you travel, big leg room and i always choose to be seated on the 2nd deck where i can see the “view” while i travel! 🙂

– I don’t worry about my shelter. In any countries i go, in whatever continent i have families to stay with. Better that staying in those 5-star hotels. Why? I am received with smile and love even if  I’m not paying them for my stay. It’s just all love and care from my Big Boss up there! 🙂

– I don’t worry for my future. My Big Boss doesn’t plan for my promotion and new department to go.  Many have said, if you just continued on with your career, you probably have finished that dream house of yours for your parents, you probably have finished your masterals now, you are probably earning so much now like 5 digits or more and you are probably enjoying your own family now just like your friends!

He plans for my future and everything else in my life! Jeremiah 29:11 – “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.” Wow! What else can i ask for? All i have to do now, is to enjoy the “now”, the present that He has given me and He’ll take care of the rest! I am in the best place i could be and in the best life i can live because my God is the one who have placed me here! He have planned greater things for me, and i can’t wait to see it, experience it and live it!

Thirdly, this is totally a lifetime career! I bet you don’t know it’s your career too! Surprise!!! My yes to God does not come with an expiration date that when that time comes, it’s all about changing my life-style and not acknowledging His greatness in my life anymore. Being for God is a lifetime commitment! It’s the forever that doesn’t literally lasts! It’s a working relationship that love, understanding, mercy and grace from the giver of this life!

I answered yes to Him because He first said yes to me! No doubt about it! In everything i do i feel His presence and His grace. In all those difficult trying times, He was there and He never left me! And not having a mission partner at the moment in my mission area now, i feel He truly is my mission partner. In times of challenges, He truly lifted me up and made sure i can stand tall with His grace!

If ever i would have an opportunity to repeat my life and start all over again, i would still say yes! Yes to “the Man” who have loved me first who is my God who has never abandoned me!

I would never be tired of you, Lord. Everyday, i will say yes to You through your grace! Trials will come but i know You will be there and will be ready to raise me up! So send me, Lord and let me “go” for You!Image


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