Daily Reflection: Acknowledge where God wants me to be. To speak bold of him and never fail to share His love and mercy to every one i meet. My calling is to be His messenger. My business is to market Jesus and sold Him in every encounter i have to each one.

Please click this song for reflection: Testify to Love

The Readings
Isaiah 58: 1-9a; Psalm 51: 3-4, 5-6ab, 18-19; Matthew 9: 14-15

I know how much you love me.
It’s hard for me to feel it sometimes,
but I know your love is always with me.

Help me to use your love as a way
to persevere in my Lenten intentions.
I am weak, but I know with your help,
I can use these small sacrifices in my life to draw closer to you.


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Daily Reflection:  I need to take up my cross. If i love Jesus i need to embrace my cross. I am called to die to what is secure and familiar.  I am called to die to what is narrow and selfish.  I am called to die to the tiny, false life of self preoccupation and self preservation. It will definitely be not easy but His grace will be sufficient!

Please click this for the reflection song: Lead me to the cross

The Readings
Deuteronomy 30:15-20; Psalm 1:1-2, 3, 4, 6; Luke 9:22-25

The Journey Begins
There are so many lessons for our journey in this prayer.
It starts with God’s inspiration.
We are reminded of the breath of life that God breathed at the beginning of creation
and the driving wind of the Holy Spirit’s coming at Pentecost.
The grace for all we are about to do comes from God.
Today we pray to be open to it.
Today we also acknowledge that for us to what we need to do these six weeks,
we need God’s continuing help.
Each day, with every prayer, every sacrifice, every act of generosity
we will need help which can only come from God.
And, finally, we need God’s guidance to persevere to the end.
There will be tough choices, not only between good and evil,
but choices about what is the greater good.
We may even be called to do something quite heroic and self-sacrificing.
A wonderful prayer.  Easy to remember, even memorize.
It is possible to say it every day.


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Day 1 Reflection: quiet remembrance of our need for redemption




Joel 2:12-18; Psalm 51: 3-4, 5-6ab, 12-13, 14&17; 2 Cor. 5: 20 – 6:2; Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18

Today God our Father brings us to the beginning of Lent.
We pray that in this time of salvation
he will fill us with the Holy Spirit, purify our hearts,
and strengthen us in love.
Let us humbly ask him:
Lord, give us your Holy Spirit.

May we be filled and satisfied,
– by the word which you give us.
Teach us to be loving not only in great and exceptional moments,
– but above all in the ordinary events of daily life.
May we abstain from what we do not really need,
– and help our brothers and sisters in distress.
May we bear the wounds of your Son in our bodies,
– for through his body he gave us life.

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Our Lady of Lourdes

Blessed to have the opportunity to visit Lourdes, France. The actual apparition site of our Lady of Lourdes. An Indian priest, 73 years old, brought me there all expense paid! It was a treat from heaven indeed!

The Catholic Church celebrates the liturgical memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes, recalling a series of 18 appearances that the Blessed Virgin Mary made to a 14-year-old French peasant girl, Saint Bernadette Soubirous.LOURDES


February 09, 2013. Saturday. Our most awaited MPC-FFV Dallas first assembly happened. How awesome to see how God has orchestrated everything for that

event to be truly life-giving and spirit-filled. God knows how to perfectly blessed His people.
First, our venue was in St. Ann’s Parish, 5th biggest parish in the whole United States and that is the same parish where most

of our servants and members in MPC-FFV Dallas are actively serving. He has brought us to that place where we can really share the blessing and grace to be of service to the church, family and life!
Second, God has given us a beautiful surprise of having a complete music ministry. At first, we were just talking about, probably one microphone, a brother who will play the “cahon” and a Tito to play the guitar. Hours before the the assembly happened, group of Titos who are serving as a music ministry in a CLS in grand Prairie offered that after their service there, they can all go and help us in the music! They didn’t know the songs, they don’t speak spanish but they have a “big heart” for the Lord! And lo and behold! Few minutes before everybody came, we were all set up with different instruments and musicians ready. I was amazed how the sisters whom i asked to sing with me just immediately said yes without thinking if they were really prepared for this or not. All they knew at that time was that they will sing for Jesus and they said, “God will appreciate our voice. We will sing for Him!” Our worship was lead by our brother Ramon Negrete. It was so vibrant that everyone went dancing and singing for God. We sang Angeles de Dios [Angels of God], Alma misionera [Missionary Soul], Dios puede salvar [Mighty to save], and Mi vida esta en Ti Señor [My life is in you, Lord].
Third, we were blessed by the presence of Fr. Orlando Cardozo, Parochial Vicar who vibrantly shared with us the significance and meaning of the New Evangelization. We’ve learned from his talk how we are called to be God’s people and his messengers and evangelizers together with all the religious priests, the nuns and the missionaries. That as a community of MPC-FFV we have a mission to go out and share the love and mercy of Christ. He reiterated that our behavior and way of speaking shares so much as to how we live Christ in us and as to how we can share Christ to others.
Fourth, we all realized that to answer the call to the New Evangelization, we don’t need to look far. To respond to this call is already stated in our mission and vision of CFC-FFL/ MPC-FFV. This was presented by our brother Eduardo Barajas ending it with a re-commitment of each one. Posting their commitments to take part of this call to the Cross of Christ as we sang the song  leading them to this act, Hoy te rindo mi ser [Lord, i give you my heart.]
Fifth, i saw how God orchestrated everything. Many of our brethren in MPC-FFV was so open to serve and share at that time. Just asking them to do this and that on the spot, and them saying yes immediately made me see how God has planted in their hearts to love Christ and live Him by saying yes to this service through the community, whether it is in singing, playing the music, doing the power point slides, distributing papers and pens, taking care of the kids and the youth or serving food. I see servanthood so alive in each one! I see Christ so alive during the assembly!
My prayer is for God to consistently bless each one of us with His abundant grace so we can always be ready to say “yes” in whatever service to glorify His name! That we will continue to serve Him by sharing our time, treasure and talents at all times. And that as we do this, we aspire more to see God’s presence and love amongst each one of us. That we serve not be recognized, but we serve because we want to show how God has been “so good” to us and this is our way of thanking Him. All for God’s glory!
09 de febrero 2013. Sábado. Nuestro más esperado primera asamblea de MPC-FFV Dallas  pasó. Que impresionante ver cómo Dios ha orquestado todo para eso
evento que se realmente da vida y  lleno de espíritu. Dios sabe perfectamente como bendecir a su pueblo.
En primer lugar, nuestra sede fue en la parroquia de Santa Ana, la parroquia quinta más grande en todos los Estados Unidos y que es la misma parroquia donde la mayor parte de nuestros servidores y miembros de MPC-FFV Dallas están activamente sirviendo. Él nos ha traído a este lugar donde podemos realmente compartir la bendición y la gracia para estar al servicio de la iglesia, la familia y la vida!
En segundo lugar, Dios nos ha dado una hermosa sorpresa de tener un ministerio de música completa. Al principio, sólo estábamos hablando, probablemente, un micrófono, un hermano que va a tocar el “cajon” y un hermano que va a tocar la guitarra. Horas antes de la asamblea, el grupo de los hermanos que están sirviendo como un ministerio de música en un SVC en Grand Prairie ofreció que después de su servicio allí, todos ellos pueden ir y nos pueden ayudar en la música! No sabían las canciones, no hablan español, pero tienen un “corazón grande” para el Señor! Y alli vamos! Pocos minutos antes de que todo el mundo vino, estábamos todo preparado con diferentes instrumentos y músicos listos. Me sorprendió cómo las hermanas que me pidió que cantara conmigo sólo inmediatamente dijo que sí sin pensar si realmente están preparados para esto o no. Todo lo que sabía en ese momento era que cantarán a Jesús y le dijeron: “Dios apreciarán nuestras voces. Vamos a cantar para Él!” Nuestra alabanza fue liderado por nuestro hermano Ramón Negrete. Era tan vibrante que todos fuimos a bailar y cantar a Dios. Hemos cantado Angeles de Dios, Alma misionera, Dios you can Salvar, y Mi vida está en Ti Señor.
En tercer lugar, fuimos bendecidos por la presencia del Padre. Orlando Cardozo, Vicario Parroquial quien fue muy vibrante compartiendo con nosotros la importancia y el significado de la Nueva Evangelización. Hemos aprendido de su charla cómo estamos llamados a ser pueblo de Dios y sus mensajeros y evangelizadores, junto con todos los sacerdotes, religiosos, monjas y misioneros. Que como una comunidad de MPC-FFV tenemos una misión que salir y compartir el amor y la misericordia de Cristo. Reiteró que nuestro comportamiento y forma de hablar acciones tanto en cuanto a nuestra forma de vivir a Cristo en nosotros y en cuanto a cómo podemos compartir a Cristo a los demás.
En cuarto lugar, nos dimos cuenta de que para responder a la llamada a la nueva evangelización, no necesitamos ir muy lejos. Para responder a esta llamada ya se ha dicho en nuestra misión y visión de MPC-FFV. Esto fue presentado por nuestro hermano Eduardo Barajas y se terminó con la renovación del compromiso de cada uno. Hicieron una actividad para sus compromisos, de este llamado, pegaron  a la Cruz de Cristo mientras cantamos la canción que lleva a este acto, Hoy te rindo mi servicio.
En quinto lugar, vi cómo Dios organizó todo. Muchos de nuestros hermanos en MPC-FFV estaba tan abiert a servir y compartir en ese momento. Sólo les pide que hagan esto y aquello sobre eso tiempo mismo, y me dejieron sí de inmediato me hizo ver cómo Dios ha puesto en sus corazones el amor a Cristo y vivir por Él. A decir sí a este servicio a través de la comunidad, si es en el canto, tocando la música, haciendo las diapositivas en power point, la distribución de papeles y bolígrafos, el cuidado de los niños y de los jóvenes y servir alimentos. Vi un corazon de servidor tan vivo en cada uno! Veo a Cristo tan vivo durante de la asamblea!
Mi oración es que Dios nos bendiga siempre a cada uno de nosotros con Su gracia abundante para que siempre podemos estar listos para decir “sí” a cualquier servicio para glorificar Su nombre! Que vamos a seguir para servirle al compartir nuestro tiempo, talento y tesoro en todo momento. Y al hacer esto, aspiramos más que ver la presencia de Dios y el amor entre cada uno de nosotros. Eso nos servirá no ser reconocidos o famosos, pero servimos porque queremos mostrar cómo Dios ha sido “muy bueno” a nosotros y esta es nuestra manera de agradecerle! Todo por la gloria de Dios!

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Then i answered!

Then i heard the Lord say, “Whom shall i send? Who will be our messenger?”  I answered, “I will go! Send me!” –  Isaiah 6:8

The first reading today reminded of how God has called me and how, by His grace i answered!

Many are asking, why this job? Or is this really a job? A lot would even bravely asked, do you get paid in all the things you do? Or, the bravest would even say, “so, what will happened to your life? Are you gonna be like that forever? What about a real career?”

First, why not this job? And i would, many times change the word job by saying, “Yeah, it’s not a job, it’s a life-style!” Why not this life-style of choosing God as my boss and Him directing me where to go and how to live my life!

Secondly, of course i get paid! More than that, i get benefits that are far more out of these world! Beyond what an earthly normal boss can give me! Hey, the Big Man up there is my Boss, why would you worry if i get paid on this!

– I don’t worry about bringing just one pair of jeans in a two-year mission. At the end of that mission, i had like 6 pairs of pants, a jacket for winter and nice walking shoes so i can visit families to their homes. Experienced this when i was sent for 2 years in Peru for mission.

– I don’t worry about not having a car while on mission. People offers to drive for me and in return, this is the surprising part, they would even thank me and say, “Thank you for making me part of your mission!” What?! Nowadays here in Texas mission, i enjoyed traveling with my humongous ride, Megabus! [] It’s cheap, it has wi-fi while you travel, big leg room and i always choose to be seated on the 2nd deck where i can see the “view” while i travel! 🙂

– I don’t worry about my shelter. In any countries i go, in whatever continent i have families to stay with. Better that staying in those 5-star hotels. Why? I am received with smile and love even if  I’m not paying them for my stay. It’s just all love and care from my Big Boss up there! 🙂

– I don’t worry for my future. My Big Boss doesn’t plan for my promotion and new department to go.  Many have said, if you just continued on with your career, you probably have finished that dream house of yours for your parents, you probably have finished your masterals now, you are probably earning so much now like 5 digits or more and you are probably enjoying your own family now just like your friends!

He plans for my future and everything else in my life! Jeremiah 29:11 – “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.” Wow! What else can i ask for? All i have to do now, is to enjoy the “now”, the present that He has given me and He’ll take care of the rest! I am in the best place i could be and in the best life i can live because my God is the one who have placed me here! He have planned greater things for me, and i can’t wait to see it, experience it and live it!

Thirdly, this is totally a lifetime career! I bet you don’t know it’s your career too! Surprise!!! My yes to God does not come with an expiration date that when that time comes, it’s all about changing my life-style and not acknowledging His greatness in my life anymore. Being for God is a lifetime commitment! It’s the forever that doesn’t literally lasts! It’s a working relationship that love, understanding, mercy and grace from the giver of this life!

I answered yes to Him because He first said yes to me! No doubt about it! In everything i do i feel His presence and His grace. In all those difficult trying times, He was there and He never left me! And not having a mission partner at the moment in my mission area now, i feel He truly is my mission partner. In times of challenges, He truly lifted me up and made sure i can stand tall with His grace!

If ever i would have an opportunity to repeat my life and start all over again, i would still say yes! Yes to “the Man” who have loved me first who is my God who has never abandoned me!

I would never be tired of you, Lord. Everyday, i will say yes to You through your grace! Trials will come but i know You will be there and will be ready to raise me up! So send me, Lord and let me “go” for You!Image

Her name was Mica!

Last week i was so nervous to take my first dart rail experience. But i survived it! I learned how to check dart rail schedules, understand the different “colored” routes and their stations.

This morning after being dropped off at the Rowlett station, a lady approached asking which one should she take going to Denton. I told her what train she should take, but i can just see in her face how lost she was. I followed her and told her she’s riding the same train i will be in and she’ll go down at the same station where i should be going down and from there she will need to take another train that will take her to Denton. I showed her how to used the map and the check the schedules.

We conversed and she borrowed my phone, apparently she doesn’t have a phone and is not familiar to where she should go. After her phone call, we conversed some more. When she asked me from where i am, i told her i am a visiting missionary. And she had teary eyes, saying, “Oh, that’s why you are so nice to me. You are sent by God!”

In my heart, i felt at that time, that she was the one sent by God to me. God made me appreciate myself more that i already know my way via dart rail and that made me share it with her, the lost lady. God made me see through that interaction with her that people can still be a good samaritan: offering help, showing directions and allowing others to use your phone so they can make a call.

I’m sure a lot of you who’s reading this now, would comment here and say, next time do not be so accommodating and do not lend your phone to anyone. They’re prolly up to something. I’d say i’m up to something! I’m up to share the same things people have shared and given me as a missionary. My phone was shared by the community to me, i have no right not to share it to anyone in need to make a call. Last week, good hearts have shown me how to ride a dart rail, now God has given me the opportunity to do the same! 🙂

I say, there are  still many ways to share Jesus while we”re on the road and living in this modern life. We just have to be open and not be suspicious. 🙂

Today, i am just happy i was given the grace to share His name and His greatness to someone.

Going down to my station, the lady went down with me. She said thank you and i hugged her saying, “May God bless you!” Wow! I just said, “May God bless you!” to some random white lady in the US of A! She wished me the same thing and told me her name. Her name was Mica, she was lost and now found her way. 🙂

I love you, Jesus! :))